Enhancing Access to Quality Education for Children in Palestinian Camps

Implemented by Save the Children International, this comprehensive initiative enriches the educational journey of children, caregivers, and the local community through targeted awareness sessions, prioritising inclusive learning. The project offers Retention Support (RS), Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN), and Early Childhood and Care Development (ECCD) programs. Staff composition includes management, educational, and support staff, serving 120 children in RS, 160 […]

AI Lab for Refugees: Empowering through Technology, Bourj el-Barajneh

This innovative project introduces refugees to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and coding, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the burgeoning tech market. By providing specialised training and resources, the lab aims to unlock remote employment opportunities, offering participants a pathway to economic independence and integration into the digital […]

Olfat’s Haven: Housing Assistance Program

Inspired by the resilience of our Founder, Olfat Mahmoud, who once endured the collapse of a ceiling within the PWHO office, Olfat’s Haven is a testament to her enduring spirit and commitment to the well-being of others. This housing assistance program is dedicated to providing safe, alternative housing for individuals and families whose homes are […]

Support for the Sour Community Disability Project’s Physiotherapy Center and Early Intervention Unit in Al Bass Camp

This project is dedicated to delivering high-quality, community-based rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, and facilitating referrals to complementary services for individuals with disabilities (PwDs) and children with disabilities (CwDs). The aim is to bolster the well-being of PwDs and CwDs. Support is extended to the professional staff involved in the project and the beneficiaries’ families, enhancing […]

SAFE! Support, Advocate, Flourish, and Empower

This initiative is designed to empower the most vulnerable girls, boys, and women by providing holistic responses and prevention strategies for child protection (CP) and gender-based violence (GBV). Specifically targeting Syrian refugees, the host community, and other affected and vulnerable social groups, the project employs a variety of approaches, including psychosocial activities, targeted psychosocial support, […]

Emergency Response for War-Affected Internally Displaced Children, Youth, and their Caregivers in Lebanon

This project is dedicated to assisting groups displaced by conflict, offering a comprehensive support system that includes psychosocial activities, focused psychosocial support, case management, and the provision of essential needs, coupled with awareness initiatives. The team engages directly with internally displaced persons (IDPs) residing in collective shelters in Tyre, as well as with the hosting […]

Protection of Children with Disabilities

This project is committed to delivering high-quality, community-based, multidisciplinary rehabilitation services—including physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and psychosocial support—and facilitating referrals to complementary services for children with disabilities (CwDs). The goal is to bolster the well-being of CwDs and provide the project’s professional staff and the families of beneficiaries with the necessary support […]

Provision of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Consultations for Students with Disabilities

This project is focused on facilitating the integration of children with disabilities into regular UNRWA schools. It offers various multidisciplinary rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and psychosocial support services. These are complemented by professional assessments, such as IQ evaluations, to tailor the support to each child’s unique needs.   Partner: […]

Emergency Preparedness and Early Response to Internal Displacement in Southern Lebanon

This project focuses on preparing for and responding to emergencies that result in a surge of casualties and displacement within Southern Lebanon. It emphasizes early rehabilitation, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), explosive ordnance risk education (EORE), and inclusive humanitarian action (IHA). The specialized staff at PWHO are equipped to provide immediate support to those […]

Improving Access to Protection, Health, and Employment for Palestinian Women

This initiative aims to improve the well-being of Palestinian women living in high socio-economic vulnerability within the Bourj el-Barajneh and Nahr al-Bared refugee camps in Lebanon. The project encompasses a holistic approach, offering psychological support, empowerment training, health education, mental health awareness, and nutritional workshops. Designed to address the critical needs of protection, health, and […]