Meet PWHO: A Trusted
Partner in Humanitarian Efforts
Since 1993

The Women's Humanitarian Organisation (PWHO) is a dynamic grassroots non-profit established in 1993. It is officially recognised by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in Lebanon under registration No. 161/AD.

Through effective coordination with local NGOs and international organizations, PWHO actively engages in both immediate response to humanitarian crises and the long-term well-being and sustainability of beneficiary communities.

Our Commitment:
Transforming Lives Through Holistic Support Programs

PWHO efficiently collaborates with local and international organisations to deliver swift humanitarian aid in crises, fostering long-term prosperity and sustainability in the communities it serves.

Our focus transcends emergency relief. We concentrate on battling poverty and advancing socio-economic development initiatives that significantly benefit families, focusing on children, youth, women, persons with disability, and the elderly.

Our Vision

To build a society where dignity, rights, and well-being are guaranteed for all, ensuring accessible health, education, and socio-economic growth, free from poverty and injustice.

Our Mission

To empower vulnerable communities in Lebanon, especially refugees, through comprehensive support in the Health, Protection, Education, Shelter, and Livelihood sectors. We champion Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals for a dignified and secure life.

Our Values

Social Justice and Integrity

We believe in the inherent dignity of all individuals, advocating for social justice, integrity, and respect in every action we take.

Equality and Access

Treating everyone the same and ensuring equal access to social services, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Fostering the empowerment of individuals as a cornerstone for societal strength and development.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Championing teamwork and collaboration as a means for mutual learning and enhancing abilities.

Protection of the Vulnerable

Prioritising the safeguarding of vulnerable groups to ensure their rights and well-being are defended.


Upholding transparency in all our operations to foster trust and accountability.

Political Independence

Maintaining independence from political affiliations to ensure unbiased and equitable assistance to all.


Promoting sustainable development practices to ensure long-term resilience and prosperity of communities.


Ensuring an inclusive approach that respects and values diversity, including gender, age, and disability, in all our programs and initiatives.

Innovation for Impact

Encouraging innovative solutions that address complex challenges, aiming for significant and lasting impact in the lives of those we serve.

Empower Futures:
Your Support Ignites Change

PWHO is dedicated to addressing humanitarian needs and strengthening vulnerable communities through Health, Protection, Education, Shelter, Basic Assistance, and livelihood Sectors, maintaining the basic principles of humanitarianism, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. Our commitment extends to fostering inclusive lifelong learning, enhancing capacities, and ensuring access to protection for all at risk.

At the heart of our mission lies a profound commitment to Human Rights principles and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Strategic Goals

Foster Lifelong

Stimulate opportunities for lifelong learning, focusing on children and youth to empower them and provide inclusive access to education for all.

Promote Socio-Economic

Support initiatives that empower youth and women, aiming to alleviate poverty and drive socio-economic growth.

Ensure Comprehensive

Deliver high-quality safeguarding and protection for all at risk, emphasising a comprehensive approach without discrimination.

Provide Accessible

Offer comprehensive, lifesaving healthcare services to vulnerable populations, ensuring equity and accessibility.

Strengthen Support for

Enhance protection, education, and livelihood support for needy families, particularly refugees, fostering their resilience and well-being.

Advocate for Rights and Prevent

Undertake research and interventions to prevent and end grave human rights abuses, focusing on refugees and marginalized communities.

Enhance Coordination and

Work closely with local and international partners to develop communities, alleviate suffering, and respond effectively to emergencies.

Empower Persons with

Ensure that persons with disabilities can achieve their fullest potential, access comprehensive services, and attain full social integration.

Ensure Environmental

Integrate sustainable practices into all initiatives to create resilient communities that thrive while preserving the environment for future generations.

Dr. Olfat Mahmoud, Founder

Dr. Olfat Mahmoud, a shining example of courage and resilience, left an enduring legacy through her founding of the Women's Humanitarian Organisation (PWHO). Born in Bourj el-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, she overcame adversity, surviving the Sabra and Shatila massacre and subsequent conflicts, emerging as a staunch advocate for health, human rights, and the rights of refugees, women, children, and people with disabilities.

As the founder of PWHO, Olfat transformed lives in Palestinian camps, collaborating with global allies like Dr. Helen McCue from Union Aid Abroad APHEDA. Her impact extended beyond borders, bridging communities in solidarity.

In addition to her humanitarian endeavours, Olfat was a respected psychology professor at Beirut Arab University (BAU). Her autobiography, "Tears for Tarshiha," not only recounts her personal journey but also amplifies the Palestinian struggle for identity and home. Though she passed away on September 24, 2023, Olfat's spirit lives on through PWHO and the countless lives she touched, inspiring us in our quest for justice and dignity. Her life teaches us that even amid darkness, hope prevails, and change is within reach.