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About PWHO

The Women's Humanitarian Organisation (PWHO) is a symbol of hope and support in the heart of Lebanon. It is dedicated to empowering vulnerable communities through comprehensive humanitarian aid. For over three decades, PWHO has been at the forefront of providing essential services to refugees, women, children, and persons with disabilities, focusing on health, education, social inclusion, and emergency response. Our mission is to foster resilience, promote human rights, and pave the way for sustainable development and peace. Join us on our journey to create a world where dignity, safety, and opportunity are accessible to all.

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Our Projects

At PWHO, we embark on a diverse range of projects aimed at empowering communities, enhancing education, and providing vital support to those in need. From nurturing children's futures in refugee camps to championing women's empowerment and responding to emergencies, our initiatives are designed to create lasting change and hope across Lebanon.

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