Support for the Sour Community Disability Project’s Physiotherapy Center and Early Intervention Unit in Al Bass Camp

This project is dedicated to delivering high-quality, community-based rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, and facilitating referrals to complementary services for individuals with disabilities (PwDs) and children with disabilities (CwDs). The aim is to bolster the well-being of PwDs and CwDs. Support is extended to the professional staff involved in the project and the beneficiaries’ families, enhancing their ability to care for PwDs and CwDs effectively. Additionally, the project is committed to improving the inclusion of PwDs and CwDs in the activities of local organizations, as well as in kindergartens, schools, and other social activities. Achieving this involves raising awareness, actively advocating for the rights and needs of PwDs and CwDs, and promoting local initiatives for their inclusion.


Partners: Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP, UK).