Women’s Leadership & Development Program

This program is designed to empower Palestinian and Syrian women, engaging a total of 350 women, 200 children, and 160 adolescent girls. The initiative has successfully heightened awareness, reduced stigma, and improved access to health services, particularly in sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). A notable achievement includes empowering a young woman named Amina, who gained the confidence to seek healthcare and consult a gynecologist, overcoming societal pressures and financial constraints. Furthermore, the program has significantly boosted the confidence of adolescent girls, encouraging them to engage in open discussions and take control of their well-being. Amidst the conflict in Gaza, it created a supportive community atmosphere, allowing women and adolescents to share personal stories, thereby fostering a sense of solidarity and understanding. The Women’s Leadership & Development Program is a testament to the power of education and community in empowering women and girls to face personal and societal challenges.