Strengthening Access to Quality, Inclusive and Sustainable Education Services for the Vulnerable Boys and Girls in Beirut Refugee Camps

This project focuses on enhancing educational opportunities for children in the Palestinian refugee camps of Shatila and Mar Elias in Beirut. It aims to provide vulnerable children access to quality education to support their development and future prospects. Recognising education as a vital humanitarian need, this initiative addresses the challenges faced by children in these camps. The primary goal is to support 120 vulnerable children by offering retention education classes for those in the elementary cycle, enrolled in UNRWA and public schools, to help them overcome educational barriers and improve their academic performance.

Additionally, the project seeks to alleviate parental concerns regarding their children’s futures by providing lifestyle skills and educational support. Initially launched in Shatila camp, the project has expanded to assist an additional 60 children in both Shatila and Mar Elias camps, thanks to the support of MECA and APHEDA, broadening its impact on children’s educational development within these communities.


Partners: Terre des Hommes Italy (TDH) under UNICEF, MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance), and APHEDA (Union Aid Abroad).