women's humanitarian organization (pwho)
registered under 161 / A-D
partners in protection


About PWHO

The Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization is a grassroots organization working to support women and their families living in refugee camps in Lebanon. Rooted in human rights principles, PWHO believes that women are not victims but are survivors and when provided with the opportunity, they have the power to affect change for themselves and others.

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a Palestinian society in the camp where human rights and dignity are universally respected. It is a society where women have equal opportunities to study, work, and enjoy their life; where children and youth are valued and are able to fulfill their potential; where the elderly have the right to enjoy good health and social life without complications; and where people with disabilities have a better life and their needs are more integrated into society.

Our Mission

PWHO is a non-profit registered ‘organization’ – 161/AD – that works within the Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon. PWHO aims to improve the well being of women, children, PWDs, and those with severe health problems and empower them to achieve independence through empowerment, education, rehabilitation, early intervention, and home care services, and through lobbying and advocating for their rights and causes.


PWHO Values Statements

  • All people are entitled to social justice, integrity, and respect.
  • All people should be treated equally and have equal access to social services.
  • Empowerment of the individual strengthens society.
  • Teamwork provides an opportunity for people to strengthen their abilities and learn from each other.