women's humanitarian organization (pwho)
partners in protection
registered under 161 / A-D


Step Forward

Supported by TDH, L

Improved and equitable prevention of and response to violence abuse, exploitation and neglect, including gender-based violence for children and women
Increase the capacity of children, families and communities in most disadvantaged areas to promote practices that protect them by involving local communities in mitigating the risks of child protection and gender-based violence through social behaviour change processes. As well as the exchange of information through awareness-raising, awareness-raising and community mobilization on key issues related to the Protocol, disability and gender-based violence. - CP and GB. This is in addition to the formation of the Community Child Protection Committee (CBCPC) and the organization of community child protection activities for girls and boys, including activities targeting specifically child labour and the integration of children with disabilities.

The project also includes a program of caregivers aimed at both females and males to promote the well-being and protection of girls and boys, including activities specifically targeting child labour awareness of caregivers and positive parenting

Enhanced Access to Quality Education for Children in Palestinian Camp

Enhanced access to Quality Education for Children in Palestinian Camp

Early Education and Women’s Empowerment for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Women’s Leadership and Development Program

Feeding Program

Educational Project (ALP) Shatila

Provision of Diagnosis and Therapeutic Consultations

Summer Inclusive Activities

Step Forward

Child Protection

Elderly Care

Addressing the Urgent needs of People with Disabilities

Support to Physio Therapy Center and Early Intervention