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Second Preliminary Round of The 4th International Loving-Peace Art Competition

Women’s Humanitarian Organization held the preliminary round of International Loving-Peace Art Competition on June 20 in collaboration with International Women's Peace Group in Galilee Secondary School. About 20 students participated in and it was held under the theme of "The Global Village Becoming One by the Light of Peace," and the awards ceremony was held after the preliminary round.

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Return back to blended learning

The first day for the E.E.C children of Al Mahaba kindergarten / Women Humanitarian Organization Bourej el Barajneh camp.

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PWHO staff support

PWHO’s staff members participated in a rally as a way to show their support to Palestine due to what is happening in Gaza and Jerusalem.

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Rallies to support the struggles of the Palestinian people

Because we are one people, Beirut, from the sea to the river, rallies to support the struggles of the Palestinian people

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Rise up for Jerusalem

Pre - schools refugee children and children of Al Mahaba Kindergarten in Bourej El Barajneh camp rise up for Jerusalem on the anniversary of the May 15 catastrophe.

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Food Packages

As a donation from the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), 400 food packages were given to

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Look at the bright side, be safe and take care of your health for you and the ones you love!

Look at the bright side, be safe and take care of your health for you and the ones you love!انظر/ي إلى الجانب المشرق، وكن/كوني آمنًا/ة واعتن/ي بصحتك من أجلك/ي ومن تحب/ين!

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Project: Integrated Reproductive Health services for refugee women in Bourj El Barajneh Camp, Beirut - Lebanon

Project objectives:
To improve the access and availability of high quality and integrated reproductive health and GBV

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إعادة البناء بشكل أفضل: نحو عالم شامل للإعاقة ويمكن الوصول إليه ومستدام بعد جائحة كوفيد - 19

يعد اشتمال منظور الإعاقة شرطًا أساسيًا لدعم حقوق الإنسان والتنمية المستدامة وإحلال السلام والأمن. كما أنه من الأمور الأساسية (اضغط هنا للمتابعة)

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PWHO Annual Report 2019

To Read the Annual Report Online
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You can download it from Publications

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Letter from the General Director, Olfat Mahmoud

As an organization, our main focus is refugee women. We want to help and support women to reach a level where their needs are met.
To achieve this, we implement projects that will make women’s lives easier. For example, we created a safe and educational environment – a kindergarten and nursery school – for children so that their mothers are able to work without worrying about their safety.

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Better Together

On the 30th and 31st of July 2020 (during Adha feast), the United Mission Relief Found (UMR) distributed fresh meat to vulnerable refugee families living in Bourej el Brajaneh camp, through the Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PWHO). (Watch the Video)

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Distribution Meal Portions

PWHO through coordination with Akkarouna and a generous endowment and support from UMR

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PWHO in response to COVID-19

PWHO did several distributions for the Palestinian and Syrian refugees,

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As COVID-19 threatens refugee camps, humanitarian responses must not forget the needs of vulnerable women and girls

By Olfat Mahmoud is the Founder and Director of the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization in Lebanon.

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